About Lisbeth Borg de Waard

My aim is to offer quality courses and education based on ethics, animal welfare and understanding of dogs natural language and habits. My way of dog training is based on 100 % positive training methodes, and supported by up to date canine science and research.

The Norwegian dog trainer Lisbeth Borg de Waard (MA, BBA) owns and maintains her own successful dog training school Innlandet Hundesenter. Here she instructs hundreds of dog owners every year through a wide variety of practical courses and theoretical seminars. In addition, she has written a book about instruction methods for dog trainers, and she is currently holding seminars in pedagogy and instruction methods for dog trainers in Norway and abroad.
Lisbeth has 14 years of experience with problem solving and dog behavior, and now lives with her husband and her five dogs, five cats and chickens in the countryside of Norway.

Prior to working as a dog trainer and consultant, she has ten years of teaching experience at the university-college and high school levels, as well as at the adult learning center. She returned to Norway in 2000 after 11 years abroad studying and working in different countries worldwide.

Lisbeth is a certified international dog trainer and received her education from the renowned  international dog trainer Turid Rugaas, in addition to attending a number of courses and furthering her education in the field of dog behavior, problem solving and dog communication (calming signals).

Lisbeth is a country representative of PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe), a professional member of the APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers), and founder of SGEH (The Scandinavian Group for Dogs and Ethics).

Curiculum vitae

University level pedagogy, Oslo University College, 2009
Practical pedagogy, Oslo University College, 2007
Master of Science, International Relations, Lancaster University, UK 1999
Bachelor of Business Administration, Schiller Int. University, France and USA, 1993
Certificate in Resort Management, The American hotel association, USA, 1993
Diploma in Travel and Tourism, Int. School of travel and tourism, The Netherlands, 1992
Associate degree in Hotel Administration, Schiller Int. University, Switzerland, 1991

Courses & Seminars


• Canine Social and Psychological Development, APDT
• Dog Symposium, Oslo
• Winkie Spiers, Bowen Technique

• Seminar and workshop with Michele Pouliot: “Developing puppies for sport performance or service careers and advanced trick training
• Introduction course in dog massage, Nordic Dog Massage School
• Webinar: SPARCS with amongst others Patricia McConnell, Clive Wynne, Dr. Coppinger
• Follow-up classes Turid Rugaas International Dog Trainer Education, Movements in dogs v/Julia Robertson
• Dr. Ian Dunbar workshop for reactive dogs, Udemy
• Seminar, SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy, Udemy
• Seminar with Dr. Ian Dunbar: Science-based dogtraining, Helsingborg, Sweden

• Certified instructor and testleader Nordic Dog Owner Certificate, GoodDog/Hundens utbildningsakademi
• Annual meeting and seminar, Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE), Voolendam, The Netherlands
• Certified RallyMix instructor, GoodDog/Hundens utbildningsakademi, licencenumber 201317
• Follow-up classes Turid Rugaas International Dog Trainer Education
• Seminar: Ellen Ofstad – communication and motivation horses
• Internasjonalt dog symposium, Oslo
• Webinar: SPARCS, Ray Coppinger and Marc Beckoff
• Webinar: Cognition, Gry Løberg
• Webinar: Dominans, Gry Løberg
• Webinar: Canine communications: Dog introductions, ASPCA Professional
• Annual meeting and seminar, Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDT, Edinburgh, Scotland
• Seminar by Lars Fält: The dogs cognition and awareness
• Seminar by Runar Næss: Dogs evolution
• Seminar by Turid Rugaas: Multiple doghousehold

• Seminar by Anne Lill Kvam: Nosework activities
• Seminar and panel discussion at the Norwegian Veterinary College: health in dogs and specific breeds

2001 – 2006:
• Owner and manager Dyrekompaniet pet stores
• Summercamp: calming signals, dogs scilent language, nosework activities
• Treasurer Indre Nordfjord Dog club
• Puppy class, agility course, basic obedience classes with my own dogs
• Information consulent, The Norwegian Cavalier King Charles Club

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